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Experimental design, descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, power tests, multivariate statistics, probability distributions, PCA, k-means clustering, Gaussian mixture models, generalized linear mixed models (glmm), Markov chain Monte Carlo (mcmc), nonlinear multiple regression analysis, survival analysis, large-scale data, Bayesian statistics, phylogenetic computing, forward-time spatially-explicit agent-based simulations of phylogeographic history, machine-learning


Matlab, Julia, R, Python, Java, SAGE, PHP, Maple, Visual Basic, C/C++, Bash, SQL, JavaScript, Mathematica, SPSS


Typesetting with LaTeX, Visualization with TikZ, XY-pic, Beamer, Inkscape, Gimp


OpenGL, high frequency stimuli, noise generation, FFmpeg, ImageMagick, dcraw, filtering and transformations (Kalman, Fourier, Radon, and Hough transforms), edge detection, registration, segmentation, tracking, classification


Designing computational procedures and information pipelines, sampling and managing data, numerical analysis, and optimizations, Monte Carlo simulations, memory allocation procedures, parallel computing, glue-code



Number theory, string theory, algebraic and enumerative geometry, tropical geometry, commutative algebra, mirror symmetry


Ray tracing, refraction, dispersion, polarization, IOPs, gradient lenses, irregular and asymmetric optics, Monte Carlo simulations


Application design and architecture, requirement gathering and analysis, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, PHP (LAMP Stack), MySQL, C#, MS SQL, Node, AngularJS, MongoDB (MEAN Stack), Amazon Web Services, Objective-C, Java, Visual Basic


We are scientists that love the technical side of things. We've invested years perfecting a very specific skill-set, so that you won't have to.

Occasionally, the success of your research depends on mastering some technically challenging method. We offer our expertise in order to solve this problem and elevate your work.

As our client, you will get a dedicated and skilled expert working on demand to complete the task as thoroughly and quickly as possible. Check out our skills to see if we can help you solve your specific problem.



Yakir Gagnon

Biology > Visual Ecology


Josh Van-Kleef

Biology > Visual Neuroethology


Simon Rose

Mathematics > Geometry


Jeet Sukumaran

Biology > Computational Evolutionary Biology


Guy Laor

Software Developer > Full-Stack Web Engineer


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Why DataSturgeon?

In today's interdisciplinary research, expert knowledge is often required. Until now, this need has been answered by hiring a long-term postdoc, collaborating with an equally busy researcher, or learning the required skill yourself. While all three ways have their own merits, they can often be expensive, inefficient, and time-consuming. By decentralizing the more technical tasks in your research, you can manage your time more wisely.

DataSturgeon offers a number of distinct advantages over these traditional models:

  • Speed: because we are dedicated to solve well-defined problems, completion times are relatively short.
  • Efficiency: we work on demand. You employ our expertise when it's needed and only when it's needed.
  • Tailored: no one is an expert in everything. DataSturgeon houses a selection of top researchers covering a wide range of skills.
  • Cost-efficient: because our experts have already attained the required skills, the job gets done in the most time-efficient way.


Professor Dana studies hibernation in dragons. To do so she analyses their activity by filming them. This past summer, Dana was very successful and managed to record hundreds of dragons. While she used to analyse her videos manually, doing so now seems daunting at best.

She could hire a post-doc who is a dragon expert, but in most cases they are not skilled in video analysis and would cost at least one-year's salary. Her collaborator, Professor Sam, is smart with programming and could help, but he's just left for a grand research expedition. With winter approaching, Dana doesn't want to miss recording her dragon's anticipated torpor.

Here is where DataSturgeon comes in: Dana contacts DataSturgeon. Dana and DataSturgeon discuss what, why, and how to analyse her videos, and agree on a contract that includes a list of deliverables, a timeline, and a budget. DataSturgeon works on the videos, reporting to Dana on the progress of the work. To prevent any snooping, DataSturgeon is always confidential with all the materials.

In the mean time, Dana records her dragons' activities and torpor. DataSturgeon delivers the results to Dana on time, leaving another happy client.

<sleeping dragon>


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